MKMMA Week 23 | Masterkey Mastermind Alliance “Playing Hookie!”

This post is a bit strange…

Definition of commencement (n)

  • com·mence·ment
  • [ kə ménssmənt ]

“the beginning of something: the beginning of something”

Have you ever “Played Hooking” from school?

I know I surely did. In fact, it was the norm since
about the 6th grade until I actually graduated high
school (or did they just want to get rid of me?) lol

I was preparing to write and record the video for
this blog and that thought came to me and I had
what many of us call a “AHA Moment” 🙂

My AHA moment was that this has effected me in
my all the way until my adult stage of my life.

Weird huh?

I know I thought so to.

The cool thing is that this MKMMA 2013 has been
such a KEY (in Marks Voice 🙂 ) part of my realizing this.

I surely pray you enjoy today’s video. 🙂

Until Next Week,

Tony P







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