Press Release

Tranquil Interview at a café in Chile

By Mimi Yagoub, Santiago Times

Posted: Tuesday September 25, 2018


orld Renown Life-Style Trainer, Coach/Mentor, Motivator, Expert Internet Marketer, Philanthropist, Tony Profit, has built quite a following and has helped create billionaires the world over using philosophies shared at their website, where ½ of the proceeds are used as a medium for Kindhearted Deeds the world over.

 I met Tony Profit and the family at the private Chilean airport they use to keep their private jet. Tony and the family have many  properties in this beautiful country, which is quite a site to see I must add. I was picked up in front of the beautiful Hilton hotel that  they  put me up in during my stay, and taken to meet the jet as it landed. The jet taxied toward the hangers and stopped just short of the  limousines front bumper. A staff member opened the door and invited me onto the jet for a cocktail before we left to the café for our  interview. I requested this interview to discuss the charitable works that are taking place and, to learn how others using the strategies taught at can make a difference in people’s lives to. I climbed aboard the jet and To my surprise, Tony and his family are down to earth, there were a few children playing with their toys and Tony and Maritza were chatting with the Pilots. As I entered Tony turned around with a BIG smile and with a tight gripped handshake, greeted me and introduced his lovely wife Maritza. It was immediately apparent to me that these two are very happy and love their family. Tony excused himself from the pilots and gestured toward the plush leather recliner seats where there were drinks, Hors d’oeuvre and hot face cloths waiting for us so that we can refresh ourselves.

As I sat down, one of the ladies placed a hot cloth on my face and reclined my chair. A few moments passed as we did some small talk. I asked Tony and his family (as I removed the cloth) where they enjoyed being most and before I can finish the question, Tony’s wife Maritza responded, “We have properties all over the world but we love our Chile, Panama, Costa Rica and Arizona homes the most” said Maritza. She continued, “Tony hates to fly commercial, so we have a private jet so we can conduct our many businesses, charities, and to travel first class around the world. The plane staff was cleaning up around us, putting the toys and other things away that the children, which traveled with the couple from the states, played with. We stood and exited the jet to the limo that was waiting and proceeded to the couple’s favorite café in Santiago to continue our interview.

 As we drove I can see snow capped beautiful mountains, the DARK Blue Water and so many other breathtaking views. santiagoI sat and thought to myself, these are  really nice people. They are really down to earth and seem to be really into their family and sharing with those around them. I really did not expect this couple to  be so giving and open to sharing with me like they did. It’s almost as if they knew me for years. I did not say much as I watched the children playing with their miniature skateboards on their laps strapped securely in their seats. Tony and Maritza were going over their schedule with their assistant and I just took in the beautiful scenery so I can give them the time they needed to finalize the itinerary. They finished and the limo stopped beside a 4X4 hummer, I asked “why are we stopping” Tony laughed and said “relax Mimi, you’re safe with Me.” and continued to explain that the best way to get to where we were going is by 4X4. “What better way to travel than in a hummer” I thought to myself.

 Before coming to Chile, I did some research and found that Los Andes, founded in July 31, 1791 as Santa Rosa de Los Andes, is a Chilean city and commune located in the province of the same name, in Valparaíso Region (“Fifth Region” of Chile). It lies on the route between Santiago and Chile’s primary border crossing with Argentina by way of the summit of the Uspallata Pass in the Andes mountain range. It’s no wonder these nice folks brought these lovely children along with them. This is surely a GREAT place to bring children to enjoy such spectacular views!

Chile Cafe We arrive at the café and it was no surprise to me, the couple was greeted by the staff and owners of the café with open  arms and a kiss on each cheek as is customary. They were speaking in Spanish as they walked over to their favorite table  facing toward the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen with some of the most  extraordinary views in the place.

 Time was slipping away fast and I knew Tony and his family were going to be continuing their trek from here to their home  afterward and I will go back in the hummer to my hotel alone. I really wanted to chat with them to find out more about what  drives them and how they got to this point in their lives. So, after the tour of the café with the owners, as we were being  seated I asked “So, how did you guys get to this point in your life?” Maritza smiled, and you could just  tell it was quite a journey for this couple. She began telling me about the twenty five years of marriage and how Tony has climbed to the top and fallen down in business and how he NEVER gave up. He was accepted into the 2010 and then the 2013 master key mastermind that catapulted us to levels we never thought possible until one day, Tony came to me excited and began to explain a business venture he was presented. Tony interrupts, “I was sick of being sick and tired and BROKE!” he exclaimed. “I knew where there is a will, there is a way and I was determined to find it!” he continued.

So, what started out as one man’s journey (tired of not getting anywhere in Network Marketing) to stop the “Online Business Building Illiteracy” he started website in an effort to share the tools needed to effectively grow anyone’s business, regardless of the industry. Before they knew it many people found this website helpful and it has exploded into a multi-country, multi-million dollar industry! “It has always been our motto to help those that choose to succeed, to succeed and to give ½ of all the proceeds away to those in need, regardless of location.” Tony said. A short five years later, many have been helped and the testimonies are many.

Maritza’s passion for the charities she heads up would exude from her as she tells me how they love helping others and how they give away most of the income brought in by the various enterprises the family built, brings them joy. She continued with the story of how Tony wrote out his definite major purpose and shared it with her and concluded a “DMP” that fit them both and together they figured out how it would pan out. “We figured out how we would create the various charitable organizations to handle the food & clothes drives, the “Food For Thought and Tummies™”, “My Palace Repaired™”, “Literacy to Expand My Own Business Organization™” and other organizations that are funded by ½ of the income derived by the businesses”, she stated. Just as Tony wrote would happen on that day he finally “Got It”, and they proceeded to follow through and implement what they learned in the master key mastermind alliance of 2010-13, like they say, the rest is history!


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